So, inquiring minds want to know about Magic Rhyno Creative do they? Welp, let me do some splainin’, yeah?. Magic Rhyno Creative (MRC) was started in 2006 shortly after arriving on the scene in the DFW metro area. It is the branding name and birthplace of my superhero alter ego, The Magic Rhyno (T.M. Rhyno). I’m a superhuman graphic designer by day, specializing in art, illustration, retail packaging, product development, product photography and other related graphic works. But, I’m a lethal, artistic, deviant, neighborhood menace by night. But don’t worry, I’m not into spray painting houses in the dead of the night (anymore…) and I promise not to shave all the hair off your cat just for fun. Just kidding. I would still totally shave your cat. Old habits die hard.

Still care to know more about Magic Rhyno Creative? Read on then….Magic Rhyno Creative has been involved with several art projects all around the DFW area. Some of the projects MRC has been involved with include: mural restoration, art show curating, juried art show – judges panel, live painting demonstrations, benefit showcase / silent art auctions,  private artwork showcases for personal events and sometimes even free donated artwork.

But enough yappity yap from MRC Studios and about me….go on now, take a look around!

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