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T.M. Rhyno is a Dallas area fine artist and illustrator who studied traditional illustration at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. He’s an indie-published artist with a professional art career that goes back to 2004.

At its center, Rhyno’s work always orbits around the two forces of a dichotomy: the hypnotizing dance of the power dynamic between the feminine and all else . These forces can sync in tandem and amplify or directly oppose one another. But, two forces are always defined with clarity. His subjects are often found poised to negate the confines of convention by dismantling the parameters of stat-quoism from the inside out. He uses the leverage of dichotomy to imply in his art what has always been known. In a world full of both love and hate, praises and judgments, rights and wrongs, true friends and sworn enemies, the beautiful mess that is the necessity of opposition itself, – she is still there playing her part so that the dance of the power dynamic may somehow continue on. T.M. Rhyno molds that dynamic into a single viewpoint forging it into a window of parallax for everyone else to gain a new perspective simply by looking through it. 

Rhyno works through modulation using creative inflection, exploration, nuance, and sometimes visual brute force – leaving a trail for anyone else with the same sense of discovery and adventure to easily follow along.

He has been exhibiting his work all throughout the DFW metroplex and has been involved in the local arts community since 2006.  He started his own freelance company, Magic Rhyno Creative, in the same year and has worked on numerous projects, including album artwork, mural restorations, packaging design, and art event hosting and planning. T.M. Rhyno is part of the local art collective Art-Hunger based in Ft. Worth, TX and 13 Karat, based out of New York. He was also a vendor at DesignerCon 2014 with 13K founding member, Nick C. Kirk. 

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